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    ...:::RULES For Member Of The Moment:::...

    Post by RobbinLara on Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:28 pm

    Contest rules are as follows:

    1-you HAVE to have at least posted on the Black Pearl Club thread
    2-you must enter your own artwork , NO photographs please
    3-winner will submit the next base coat or line art for participants to create
    4-entries must be in my 9pm Pacific Time (That's west coast time folks) on the given date
    5-voting will then be held by way of a poll
    6-winner has 2 days to submit their line art of choice or their own drawing
    7-all line art or bases MUST be images that are free to use with permission (such as Ow's forum base coats or bases where artists have given permission for free use) or hand drawn by the winner. NO EXCEPTIONS
    8-the time span for entries to be submitted will always be bi-monthly (every two weeks)

    if I think of anything later I will amend this list & let everyone know Smile

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