Hi! pixiepony36 is on!



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    Hi! pixiepony36 is on!

    Post by pixiepony36 on Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:12 am

    Hey guys! pixiepony36 has arrived. Well, I do ride 4 horses in real life. My favorite one is named Cody. She is a mustang mare who loves attention. She is very sweet, but she loves food, so she's kinda chubby. Then I like 24 Karat Gold, or Karat for short. She may be 32, but she is the life and soul of the party, and she loves to go at top speed. She used to be a show jumper in local shows. Then I like Tiara. Tiara is a sassy-sweet mare. She loves to run at top speed, just like her mother Karat. Tiara was a very good dressage horse, but then she got lame in her left front foot last winter, and never fully healed. Then Berry, a very tempermental mare whom I ride in lessons. She is a strawberry roan with a black mane and tail. We think she's a welsh pony mix. Berry may be sassy on the ground, but she is very lady-like with a rider.
    I am also an untrained therapist. Cody had been jumping (she can't jump right now) and she fell coming down. The owner of her was rushing over, me at her side. She was taken to the vets. They said she had probably been worked too hard (she was, because someone evil (she locked me in a horse trailer) and stuck up was riding her), but her leg wasn't so great. She the owner took cody home, and told no one to trot, much less canter. I have slowly been working with Cody for the past two years, and now she's up to cantering. I don't know how to jump, so thats next. See you guys later! bouncy

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