Jumpstridehorse (jumpy)


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    Jumpstridehorse (jumpy)

    Post by Jumpy on Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:58 pm

    Hi I am Jumpstridehorse, other known as Jumpy! My real name is Erica (BUT PLEASE DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!) and I am a very different person. I am a very athletic girl, I do track and field, soccer, and horse riding. But I'm mostly a horse rider. I have loved horses all my life, and I cannot get them out of my head! I can't even go a week without a horse! :0! I have owned 2 horses, Cowboy (when I was seven...I miss him but I switched to english and he was a little too spirited for me then) and Pi (I'd rather not give you any details. Lets just say he was psycho.) and I am just switching horses (I was leasing) from a 20 year old horse named Check (With a personality!) to a horse named Chase (HE IS SO CUTE!!!) I jump 2.6, and I am going higher and higher. I have no pictures of chase, though I have some of Check (none of pi or cowboy) I'll show u them at the bottom. Another thing I do is graphic designs. I make any graphic designs for anyone, layouts and banners and stuff like that. I can even create websites. I have a warriors website, www.secretwarriors.webs.com, and a horse website Crazy Horse Graphix that I've had for over a year, (I left it and now I am making the layout and I will have it up in a few) And my blog, All Star (not up yet either.) I am totally obsessed with edward. He is mine just to let ya know. I also am going to do Photography. I will put stock photos on deviantart pretty soon!! I hope you'll use them in graphics! I am a wild girl too. But most of all, after school and when I'm stressed or tired, upset or something, I will be calmed down by a horse. mare and foal

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    Re: Jumpstridehorse (jumpy)

    Post by Arya on Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:09 am

    Hi Jumpy! nice to see you here! Very Happy

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