Hey! It's caitlinandkyrsti!



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    Hey! It's caitlinandkyrsti!

    Post by caitlinandkyrsti on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:54 pm

    I've been on Howrse for close to 4 years now (my current days say a little over 300 but I use to come on just enough to keep my money up and not get my account deleted). I have 6 horses in real. 4 Appaloosas, Taco, Princess, Dru, and Cody. The Quarter Horse, Merlin. And the Paint Horse, Copper. I have won 4 state championships, one reserve (tied), and one third. I have also qualified for nationals and world though it was to expensive for us to go to.
    I love horse racing. My favorite racehorse is Smarty Jones, seeing as his first races ever were on our home track. I'm at almost all of his races and I take a lot of good pictures of racehorses.

    Well it's late here so I'm gonna add a few pictures and be on later.

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