Heyo Im OB


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    Heyo Im OB

    Post by oblic on Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:11 am

    hey Im OB you all know me lol

    had to edit coz i had to edit. XD

    I am in high school now, and i like to draw, ride, take photos, make coats, and sleep. Very Happy

    i used to ride a 15.2hh grey piebald gelding called Puzzel. yes it is said Puzzle but spelt Puz Zell XD he is four but was sadly sold. X( I know ride a chestnut 16.1hh mare called Molly... she aint as good. X(

    i have been riding for a LOOOOONG time. Very Happy

    i have a cat called Shadow. i used to have one called Socks or Sox but she was put to sleep recently due to a stroke. X'( she was 18, and Shadow is about 5 or 6.

    i don't own a horse but i ride at riding schools and friends places.

    i also have six fish. two comets, Pinkie and Tote-Askimi, one Black moor veiltail, Klattu, two red globes, well, mine is white, and his name is Ankles (i know i know lol) and a red/orange one who is my sisters called Stu, and one orange fantail called Paul who is also my sisters. i used to have a orange and white fantail called Pleegli but he died for some reason. X'( (yes, i finally convinced dad into letting me have a goldfish... make that six... XD)

    thanks for reading!


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