Be aware for your own safety


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    Be aware for your own safety

    Post by RobbinLara on Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:11 pm

    As previously stated, NEVER give out information to strangers. Howrse is compromised primarily of young adults and pre-teen players and there are safety measures we must take to ensure you are made aware of potential dangers. Here at Howrse Crazy, family and safety is everything to us. Although we can set rules and standards and enforce them, we cannot physically protect anyone from harm. So we feel it is of utmost importance to arm you with knowledge of what is and is NOT ok for an online stranger to ask of you.
    Always report to us immediately if someone is harassing (big word for bugging) you or makes you feel scared or creeped out and we will handle it. Most importantly, always tell your parents and let them know too. They care about you and can take steps to protect you, like filing a report with the local police dept. etc.

    *give your full name to anyone online or your address, phone number or any information that would hint about where you live.*

    *If you feel that someone is asking a lot of questions about you or your family and it bothers you, contact the mods (RobbinLara or Kareena) IMMEDIATELY*

    I'm sure you all are very smart young people nowadays, but it's easier for someone online to get you to open up, so be careful, you are precious beyond measure to us and your families!

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