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    Your holiday

    Post by lacey6578 on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:22 am


    My howrse name is Puffin123456. If you ever need to go on holiday, then I can look after your horses for you. I am currently doing a shared management with another player, looking after their horses, and I am willing to do more. If you want me to do this then you can either Message me on here, PM me on or post a reply here. Costs are as follows: 10 howrses: 150e per day
    20 howrses: 300e per day. and so on, these costs are for Shared Managment.
    For Me Owning The Howrse:
    10 howrses: 225e per day.
    20 howrse: 375e per day. and so on.
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